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Pigeon Pea/Guandu

Pigeon Peas, also referred to as Guandu, flowers yellow and white blossoms, producing long twisty pods containing 3 to 4 seeds which vary in color from white to red, brown, purple, green or speckled. They can be eaten fresh if harvested while green and are light crisp and refreshing.

Packing a nutritional punch, Pigeon Peas are loaded with protein, dietary fiber, and a slew of vitamins. Because of their high protein content pigeon peas have become a favorite in vegetarian cuisine, easily absorbing spices and seasoning of all types.



Originally cultivated and consumed over 3,500 years ago in India, Pigeon Peas are still widely produced and consumed around the world.

Handling Tips

Wash thoroughly before consuming
Store in a dry, sealed container at room temperature