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Passion Fruit

Grown on the vine, once ripe, the Passion Fruit turns a particular yellow to green color signaling that it is ripe. After cracking the relatively tough shell you will find a gelatinous meat and abundance of seeds. Providing a fragrantly sweet taste with a pleasantly tart tang this scrumptious fruit leaves you wanting more.

Enjoyed in juices, as a topping on salads, or blended into desserts, passion fruit is a versatile addition to a variety of dishes loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to boost your immune system.



Named by Christian missionaries as the flowering fruit that signified their success of landing in South America, these missionaries claimed the leaves resembled that of Christ’s crucifixation.

Handling Tips

Wash thoroughly before consuming
Ripen at room temperature
When kept frozen, passion fruit can last up to 8 months