Our Passion

Simply Natural Harvest delivers Nature’s Finest Flavors. From harvest to table, we control every aspect of the process chain, bringing simple and organic products to the world.

Our work is our passion; we guarantee freshly handpicked and full-flavored produce

  • Crop Selection

    Though strict gene selection, we stress induce multiple generation of crops to insure only the most resilient make it to the field.

  • Homemade Organic Fertilizers

    Creating our own organic fertilizers, we take care to replenish the soil with virtual nutrients, ensuring we give back more than we take

  • Farm Management Expertise

    Implementing the most modern organic farming practices, our fields are managed by seasoned farmers with more than 4 generation of experience

  • Harvest

    When the time is right we hand pick each of our fruits to ensure proper ripeness and the highest quality standards.

  • Processing & Packing

    Overseeing the cleaning, processing and packing of each of our fruits is how we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness ensuring that your fruit arrives in perfect state.

  • Marketing

    Building relevant brands, we are constantly evaluating the market to meet and exceed consumer demands.

Logistics & Distribution

Involved in every aspect of supply-chain, we manage every step of fruit’s journey from tree to your table, ensuring outstanding efficiency in the supply chain management.