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When ripe, the Mango varies greatly in size and color, weighing as much as 4 pounds (2 kg) or more. Unable to judge a mango by its color, when ripe it can display bright colorations of yellow, orange, red, or green. Emanating a distinct sweet and resinous smell, ripe mangos can be determined by slightly squeezing them to see if they yield to light pressure.

Unripe, sour mangos are commonly used in chutneys, for pickling, or eaten raw with salt & vinegar as a side dish. Mango pulp can be mixed into a range of delicious juices or smoothies. Ripe mangos are frequently enjoyed in tropical salads, mixed as a salsa or as a sweet addition to the main course.

Originating in Southern Asia approximately 4,000 years ago, mangos are the symbol of life in Indian culture and are a display of friendship when given as a gift.

Handling Tips

Place in a brown paper bag to speed up the ripening process
Wash thoroughly before consuming
Once rip, place in the fridge to preserve longer

Lady Victoria

The Lady Victoria, our world class and unique mango is the fruit of 20 years of research and development. Her Alphonso pulp is considered to have the best texture, richness, and flavor – one of the most sought after Mango pulps in the world.


His tender flesh, juicy texture and limited amount of fibers make the Kent Mango very desirable. Rich and sweet in flavor, this alluring variety is typically dark green to yellow with a light red blush as it matures.


Bursting with juice and no fibers to distract you, the Ataulfo is a slender yellow variety that may be compact, but packs a creamy, sweet and robust punch to your taste buds. Turning from green to a deep golden yellow this deliciously luscious variety has many mango lovers licking their lips in anticipation of harvest.


The Edward Mango is an old time variety, named in the 1930’s, and made distinct by its bright yellow skin with almost a pink to reddish blush. Beneath this enticing surface you will be greeted with a tender, fiberless and juicy pulp. Full bodied and sweet in flavor, the Edward Mango produces a mild and pleasant aroma informing your senses that you are close by this tasty fruit.