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Bags of Limes (20 unit)




Beefsteak Tomato


Blueberries (125 gr)




Cherry Tomato (295 gr)


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Green Apple


Green Grapes


Imported Oranges


Imported Prune


Adding fruit into your diet has never been easier. With Simply to Go, you can receive the tastiest fruits in Panama directly to your home, and at the best price!

The fruit sector in Panama has excellent products; but to enjoy them, it is necessary to buy fruits regularly. It is the only way to get a fresh product at its right point of ripeness.

Naturally, obligations often leave us with little time, and buying fruit is rarely a priority. We understand that maintaining a healthy diet sounds great, but is very difficult to do. 

That’s why at Simply to Go we want to make your life easier. With just a couple of clicks, you can receive at home up to 44 varieties of fruits. No matter what you are looking for, we have it!

Also, if you want to make an express purchase and save money, we have an excellent Fruit Basket, which includes eight bananas, three apples, two avocados, one melon, three pears, one papaya, three mangoes and four green bananas.

It is the ideal combo to be one step closer to a healthy diet. Medical nutritionists recommend consuming five pieces of fruits and vegetables per day. About 400 grams daily to take care of your health and to boost your immune system.

According to the World Health Organization, fruits and vegetables can “help prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of obesity, a risk factor independent of non-communicable diseases”.

Fruits and vegetables are essential because they provide abundant water, dietary fiber and the multiple vitamins and minerals that the body needs to work at its best.

So, what are you waiting to change your life and start feeling better? A life full of energy is within reach.

If you are looking for a fresh fruit delivery online, in Simply to Go you have found the answer. 

We guarantee the tastiest Panamanian fruits, grown in the countryside and brought directly to your home, non-stop. 

Try us and experience it for yourself!