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Bags of Limes (20 unit)


Local Oranges (20 unit)


Passion Fruits (20 units)


The Green & Herbs Bag


The Bag to make sancocho


The Citrus Bag


The Essentials Bag


The Fruit Bag


The Grains and Legumes bag


The Immunity Bag


The Popular


The Quick Fix (1-2 pers)


Looking for a quick and easy way to shop? On Simply to Go you can find the best fruit and vegetable baskets in Panama, and with home delivery!

Stress, responsibilities… Life requires us to have our batteries fully charged. That is the reason it is essential to maintain a healthy diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs.

How does a healthy diet look? It has lots of fruits and vegetables!

Fruits and vegetables have all-important nutritional properties: large amounts of water, few calories, dietary fiber and all kinds of vitamins and minerals essential for the optimal functioning of the body.

In fact, the World Health Organization recommends consuming at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day to improve general health and reduce the risk of diseases.

At Simply to Go we want to make your life easier. With our help, you and your family can have a healthy diet easily and economically.

Our assorted fruit and vegetable baskets have everything you need to keep your pantry stocked. 

You have 16 different options, so you can choose the fruits and vegetables you prefer, and at the price that suits you best. We have everything! 

Looking just for fruit? Then offer the Fruit Bag, which includes bananas, apples, pears, mangoes, avocados, melon, papaya and green bananas.

Want to boost your immune system? Then try the Immunity Bag, with avocado, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, ginger, Persian lemon, red onion, spinach, imported tangerine and more.

The description of each basket specifies how many fruits and vegetables it includes, so you know exactly what you are buying. 

And it all comes to you in a handy, reusable mesh bag.

At Simply to Go we prioritize the quality of our products. That’s why we guarantee fresh fruits and vegetables, brought from the Panamanian fields directly to your table, without any stop. 

The home delivery of fruits and vegetables arrived in Panama to help you have a healthier life. Don’t miss this chance!