Mango Pulp

Carefully extracting the pulp from our world renowned mangoes, we add no sugar or additives to this 100% organic pulp. Made easy to add to smoothies, juices, or mixed as seasoning addition, our refreshing mango pulp provides you a great source of vitamins A & C while making it easy for your body to absorb.

Passion Fruit Juice

Making it easy for you, we extract the pulp from our best golden passion fruits, giving you all the flavor and heath benefits with none of the hassle. Adding the juice to blended drinks makes a great tropical addition or even a perfect base for puddings or merengues.

Lime Juice

Regularly used for both culinary and nonculinary purposes, lime juice is a perfectly sour and tart juice extracted from our organic limes. Adding a squirt to your cocktail can give it the tangy twist it needs . Also, lime juice applied directly to your hair is a natural substitute for shampoo and if applied to the face can help clear up blemishes.