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Hass Avocado

Loaded with essential nutrients and heart healthy nonsaturated fats, Hass Avocados are distinct from other varieties by their smaller size and dark green to black coloration signalling when they are ripe. Bursting with a creamy and bold flavor, the Hass Avocado stands apart from the rest.

This versatile fruit pairs well with all meals. For breakfast, it makes a great topping to eggs. For lunch, Avocado makes a great spread on any sandwich. As a snack try a guacamole dip and for dinner, serve it with pasta, fish, or even chili.



To bear fruit, Avocado trees require another Avocado tree close by in order to pollinate since they do not self pollinate. Avocado trees are a tree of love, needing a partner.

Handling Tips

Place in a brown paper bag to speed up the ripening process
Wash thoroughly before consuming
Store out of the fridge and ripen at room temperature